Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This Picasso guy better be good.

In line for the Picasso museum in Barcelona.

I'm loving Barcelona on my second day here. I could definitely live here, which I could not say for Madrid. There's an amazing energy to the city, art everywhere, and so much to explore. Splurged a bit on lunch at Tapas 24 and ate a McFoie burger with truffle mayo. Also a jamon iberico croquette, some tomato bread concoction, and a cerveza.

The Picasso museum was good, but more centered on his early works, which was interesting but not too inspiring. None of his great stuff, but I can't complain having just seen guernica in Madrid and having some important pieces in NY. I'd definitely suggest the Picasso museum in Paris over this one as it has a more comprehensive survey of his work. That one blows my mind.


  1. your phone takes amazing pictures! ps: do you know if the real guernica is in this one clive owen movie...the name is totally lost in my head right now.. its an action movie i believe. but i saw it and its massive size and could not stop thinking about it the rest of the movie.

    when it's spoken about in art history classes and shown on such a small scale..you can't really appreciate it at much.
    jealous you got to see it live!


  2. it is absolutely huge, and so much more powerful with the scale, but i doubt it's in the movie - is it the one with the guggenheim? i saw something where they actually rebuilt a few floors of the gug for filming, so i imagined they'd just repaint anything they needed to use.

    BFP's work.