Friday, August 20, 2010

my shoe by the fountain.

my shoe by the fountain., originally uploaded by jasonshogreen.

Only 3 days of France left! One of those days being a painting day,
one a crit day, and one free in Paris. Spent the day down in Paris
once again today with Amber from the residency. We hit up Palais de
Tokyo / Musee d'Art Moderne for an amazing contemporary exhibition DYNASTY. So much
inspiration. Most definitely one of those life-changing art
experiences. One of these days I'll parse through all my museum
photos and get them uploaded.

There were some brilliant art blurbs alongside the work, particularly
the bad work. My favorite (and I'll be using this in my midterm
crits, thank you) was "situating his painting method in an underground
faction of art history where pleasure and irony reign in unison."
This is the best way I've ever heard to rationalize painting
cheeseball paintings (in this case, bunnies).

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