Tuesday, July 14, 2009

all the drawings I drew at Mobius

I spent a lovely Monday evening at Mobius Cycle and I drew a bunch of drawings and drank a few beers as they transformed my bike from a rolling deathtrap to a thing of beauty. It went from squeaky with busted spokes to the smoothest, quietest, bluest machine I've ever rolled down the street on.

Seriously, about 7 hours and they charged me $30 for labor. Of course I bought some parts, but they basically gutted my rear wheel and hub, cleaned the bike inside and out, and convinced me to go all blue on everything and go back to fixie (makes a hell of a lot more sense in NY than Seattle). I'm sensing a wheel build in the near future. Ugh, I'm turning into one of those guys. Thanks Nickie, Sarah, Elias!


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Monday, July 6, 2009

the move begins

I'm just winding down day 3 of NYC. I found myself a great loft space in Williamsburg with roommates who seem as laid back and as nice as possible. It feels like Swiss Family Robinson in here and I absolutely love it. I'd been avoiding living in Williamsburg from the reputation, but it truly is lovely and it really doesn't seem as cloyingly hipster as even Capitol Hill in Seattle. People just seem quite nice and normal. It's been wonderful hanging out with my sister who lives just up the street and some old friends. I started some doodling and there's definitely some sort of good energy going on.

I'll be back to Seattle for a bit - maybe a month or 6 weeks - because I just can't skip summer in Seattle. There's still so much hiking and pinball playing and drinking and park sitting to be done.

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