Wednesday, October 14, 2009


In progress. I think the lower half of my mug is a bit long, but I sort of like that. Again, amazed you can get pretty close to accurate colors using this dead palette, maybe its because I'm a painting zombie. Dead palette by the way is earth primary colors (yellow ochre, blue-black, trans red + white).

self dead in progress

same painting, colors a little more accurate than the last update.


The whole thing - pigeon is pretty much done but all the background is in limbo. This was an perspective assignment.

pigeon in space in progress


  1. J~~~you are wildly talented. I hope you have an art showing sometime in the near future. Best of luck in school and becoming an absolutely smashing success in NYC.

  2. I have no idea who you are but I've been looking on this site for the past 40 minutes and wow, I love all of your work. Especially this one. There's some sort of story behind the model's expression - kind of like she's in limbo, which is really interesting, because in the painting it looks as though she's between two ends of a room, too. I really love it. Where are you trying to get your MFA?
    I'll be looking more at your work and I hope you keep posting. Thanks for sharing with the world :)