Wednesday, October 21, 2009

more painting class

This was an absolutely ridiculous still life arrangement followed by an even more ridiculous lighting setup. I only captured about 25% of our spread, including the skull, Gumby, Planet of the Apes Ape, soldering buddy, and old timey camera. On top of that it was lit with a red gel for the main light source and a blue gel for the reflected light. I actually learned quite a bit about shadow in this exercise - not to think of it as a lack of light, but as a different (temp and value) light source - and also to really think about that line where the 2 light sources combine (terminator or whatever).


and the finished dead palette self portrait ... not too unhappy with this one.



  1. I'm going to steal that colored gel still life excersize. it sounds frustrating but helpful.

  2. yeah that was SUPER valuable. Definitely came to light when painting a model this week. nerd out.

  3. I'd love to see your 14 self portraits when you're finished... It'd be exciting to see the progress.