Friday, June 4, 2010


01, originally uploaded by jasonshogreen.

unlearning the stiffness i've accumulated over the past year.


  1. Hi, I've been following your stuff for some years now (I still pull out the nintendo t-shirt now and again and get lots of compliments), and I've noticed that I have trouble finding any of your older work. I especially liked your drawing of the robots with "sometimes love just isn't enough." I was wondering if that stuff was still up somewhere or if it's mostly done. Either way, keep up the awesome work!
    Ashley Troth

  2. "unlearning the stiffness" !!!!!!!!!! duuuuuuuh.

    Freakin 4 years of commercial art (duHN DUHN) killed painting for me.

    but I took out my only little, tiny mirror, and went crazy.

    came out sooo raw! and scary ... a bit... a bit scary...

    watever, I"m in love all over again.