Thursday, April 22, 2010

everything in progress

Yesterday I received word that I was awarded a 2 week residency in Giverny, just outside of Paris, along with 7 other classmates. I'll go into my proposed project sometime when things settle down a bit, but it has to do with the way that memories are fictionalized slightly each time they're recalled. I'm really beginning to lean toward a more conceptual / experiment-based direction in my work for next year, with painting as the application. I've always been a bit of a science nerd and have been battling with how to incorporate that into my work, so it's exciting to see these openings.

We're in the final stretch, less than two weeks left in my first year of the NYAA MFA program. I have about 150 sq feet of unfinished paintings to paint. The content is all over the place from figure study to large character paintings to small figurative paintings with imagined elements and light, but I'm feeling pretty good. None of it is what I see myself continuing with next year, but at least I recognize that.

3 paintings, all unfinished

unfinished painting / studio shot

another unfinished

unfinished figure study (12 hours left)

4 weeks into a 6 week pose. The space on the right was originally a gaping white wall, however during the Tribeca Ball last week they installed a sort of horrible rendition of Manet's "Lunch on the Grass" or something like that and it saved my composition. Cristophe and Liliana are amazing!

unfinished 'painting from imagination' painting

This is mostly a technical painting for "Painting from Imagination" class. The assignment rules were 1 figure, 1 indirectly lighted area, 1 direct light. We're allowed to use 2 references, but I'm just using 1 for the figure and changing the light on her anyway. In the end she's hopefully going to look sun-charred, grossly red.


  1. hi jason! i just wanted you to know that i really appreciate your blog and it's really amazing to see you progress as an artist because i myself am progressing in the art world as a curator/art historian. so i hope one day in the future we can meet up and make great art things happen!

  2. Congratulations on the residency, Jason!

  3. congrats jason! you reallly deserve it your work is looking gorgeous.

    Im going to be in Paris for the whole summer if you are there at all inside of those months let me know! Id love to grab coffee and go doodle at the water with you!