Wednesday, December 2, 2009

the end is nigh

The end of the semester is fast approaching and I'm just starting my last round of projects. I'm thinking more and it's harder to even get to the point of putting brush on canvas while the concepts are swimming and battling in my head. Can the word "pastiche" be used in critique and possibly have a positive connotation? I think not but I'm trying to force it.

I'm trying all sorts of things. Not too long ago I attempted a painting based on the collaged image below and it was only about 10% successful so I'm keeping that image away from the internet. I like the idea though and may see if there's some sort of future in it.


Final projects:
Anatomy: NONE thank goodness
Drawing: series of 4 compositional figurative drawings. had an amazing shoot with Pigeon and nailed the photo refs.
Painting: Not yet established but I'm sure it's coming and it will be painful.
Art and Culture: Press release for imaginary curated show and 8 pg catalog article
Comp and Design: "complex allegorical painting". mine is based on baseball imagery. i'm pretty excited about this one as the image has been in my head for a good while.


  1. that seems like such a cool idea, working from a collage when you can't get a model and everything set up. can i ask what was wrong with the painting?

  2. I just took too long to get to the painting and didn't have enough time ... also it was too small to work how i wanted it to.