Thursday, November 12, 2009

self portrait somewhat in the style of ...

An interesting exercise in painting class today: use the drawing from a black and white photo and paint in the color information using another artist's portrait as reference.

I referenced Ann Gale, off a 400 pixel image, and it was quite a mind-bending exercise holding the color in one part of the brain and the drawing in another, then combining the two ... a bit like an IQ test. I usually fall back on painting high chroma all the time and avoid green at all costs but here tried to embrace the mud, green, and muddy greens, then use the reds and cool lights to pull certain features forward.

Chromatically, it's very different from anything else I've done, and I'll definitely be pulling some of the new painting info into my arsenal.


self portrait closeup


  1. your portraits are looking beautiful! good job pulling off anne gale. boo-ya!

  2. I think the muds work well with the more intensely chromatic colors. Your look in this one is also - sad? tired? soulful? All three? Not sure what, but you definitely captured something here. I like it.